Awakening the Natural Body

Massage Therapy in Bandon, Oregon

Golfer's Package
We offer massage packages tailored to the needs of golfers. The package includes a pre-round 1/2 hour massage (at your location or ours) with range of motion, stretching and golf-specific stretches. After you have walked the 14 plus mile course at Bandon Dunes, your package includes a post-round massage with the use of aromatherapy, arnica for sore muscles, reflexology to relax your feet and energy work to restore and awaken your natural body.
Benefits of Massage
Create your own relaxation experience choosing aromatherapy scents, essential oils, location, length of time, and style of massage. Awaken your natural self through nurturing your body, mind, and soul.
The most common question: What are your prices?

Our response? You should not be "shopping" for a massage therapist based on price. Experience healing your body, mind, and spirit through awakening your natural body by techniques that I use. I don't give specific prices out through email.

I ask you to contact me, let's discuss what you are trying to achieve and then design a plan specifically for you. Clients come to me and return to me because I offer body and energy work that changes their lives. I invite you to make that same choice and contact me today. Truly, my work speaks for itself.
Booking your tee time or scheduling your vacation? contact me and I'll save the dates guaranteeing you a time to treat your body!